Why World Missions?

In Genesis God calls Abram (soon to be renamed Abraham) to leave his native land and family and go to a place God would show him. That moment was actually the start of God calling a covenant people apart for His own possession. He said to Abram, “In you all the families of the earth will be blessed.” That promise is today being fulfilled in Christ, the son of Abraham. In those words of the first book of the Bible we see God’s global redemptive vision.

In Revelation 5:9-10, the redeemed of God sing a new song, praising Christ, “for you were slain, and by your blood you ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people and nation, and you have made them a kingdom and priests to our God.” Again, this time in the last book of the Bible, we see the global redemptive vision of God. We have embraced God’s global vision to take the Gospel to all – every tribe and language and people and nation.


How to Get Involved: 

If you'd like to get financially involved with our missions program, please email the Christ Community staff at hrf@hollandroadfellowship.org
You can also give to our missionaries by creating a login 


 Who We Support:

Christ Community sends out and supports 20 missionaries around the world.  Our missionaries preach the gospel, translate the Bible into various languages, and disciple new believers.  
Among our active missionaries are:

ŸNabeeh and Ruba Abbassi 
Christar in Amman, Jordan.
Nabeeh is Director for Christar workers in the Middle East, north Africa & France. Ruba founded and directs Arab Woman Today - a radio ministry throughout the Middle East

Musa and Tabitha Asake
Abuja, Nigeria
Musa is General Secretary for the Christian Association of Nigeria. He serves churches in pastoral care and pulpit supply. He represents the Christians of Nigeria to the Nigerian government.

Dale and Leann Barkley
Wycliffe Bible Translators in Tuscon, Az.
Dale serves as Executive Secretary to the Director of the Mexico Branch of SIL. Leanne works in the linguistics center library. They formerly lived among the Teita Miztec people of southern Mexico, translating parts of the New Testament into the Teita language.

Tom and Mary Beekman
JARS in Waxhaw, North Carolina.
Tom trains young pilots and is the JAARS Aviation Standards Coordinator.

Rod & Ellen Casali
Alberta, Canada.
Rod teaches linguistics and phonology at the Wycliffe training center in Alberta, Canada, equipping missionaries to translate the Bible into tribal languages. The Casali’s first assignment with Wycliffe in 1985 was working on a New Testament translation for the Nawuri people of Ghana. After 27 years of diligence, the New Testament was recently completed!

Tad and Michelle Cooper
InFaith. Newark, California
Tad does evangelism, discipleship & church planting among the Khmu, a Laotian people relocated to California.

Adam and Ruth Huntley
Wycliffe Bible Translators Central African Republic.
Adam assists with Old Testament translation for the Gbaya language. He is committed to evangelism and discipleship among the Gbaya people.

Larry and Linda Jones
The Seed Company
Larry is Senior Vice President of Bible Translation with the Seed Company, an arm of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Larry was vice president for Asia operations for SIL International until 2008. He is currently on the board of Wycliffe USA. Larry received a Bachelor of Arts in classical Greek from Brown University, a Master of Arts in linguistics and has a Ph.D. in humanities with concentration in linguistics from the University of Texas at Arlington. Larry and Linda translated the New Testament for the Yawa, a primitive people group of Indonesia.

Darin and Susan McFarland
CRU. Boston, Massachusetts
Darin is given to evangelism and discipleship among the many colleges of greater Boston. He is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary. They formerly served in western Siberia and Yekaterinburg, Russia for eleven years.

Jane Pappenhagen
Jane serves as Senior Editor for corporate communications for Wycliffe Bible Translators. She also teaches English as a Second Language in Thailand.

Craig and Barbara Prather
Camino Global in Dallas.
They oversee the Quest Ministry of encouragement to Hispanic pastors & missionaries in DFW. Craig was the first pastor of Holland Road Fellowship (then Grand Prairie Bible Church).


ŸPregnancy Resource Center of Grand Prairie.
Since it opened in 1994, the Center has provided a safe, confidential place to help women, men and families facing unplanned pregnancies. They have helped an estimated 23,000 clients, providing a safe, caring, confidential environment for those experiencing difficult pregnancy situations.

Sergio and Miriam Ramirez
Camino Global in Spain.
Sergio serves as Pastor of two church plants – one in Santander and the other in Reinosa. He teaches at the Bible Institute of Bilbao, and oversees Summer youth camps.

Glenn and Judy Stewart
Camino Global in Guatemala
Glen and Judy serve as Pastoral Care Coordinators for CAM families in Guatemala

Michael and Lynette Wilson
Wycliffe Bible Translators in Australia
Michael serves in missions aviation, flying missionaries to remote locations. Lynette is given to the work of Bible translation and literacy.


Dick and Lou Hohulin
Dick and Lou completed a translation for an isolated people group in the Philippines. You can watch their story here.


David and Doris Blood 
David and Doris served in Vietnam. You can watch their story here: